Thursday, September 3, 2009

Everyone is Different

And yet, another one of my Disney Marvel Series!

In this piece, The Thing is sitting on the clouds while awesome Dumbo is cheering him up!

"Everyone is Different!"

Disney and Marvel? Awesome!

I'm pretty sure almost everybody knows about Disney purchasing Marvel!!! That's right, they finally did it, for $4 billion! Not the most they've spend seeing how they got Pixar for $7.4 Billion in 2006.

Mickey Mouse has new friends, Superhero friends! I'm actually excited that The Walt Disney company made this move. I can totally see upcoming movies, shows, and even new rides! Apparently after making the deal this Monday, the Disney stock sank! Eh, I'm not surprised!

Well to celebrate this 'marriage' I've decided to do a Series of art on it!

"Forces of Atlantis United!" - The piece shows Namor(Marvel) about to sign a Treaty of Alliance with Ariel(Disney).

"I'm Your Biggest Fan!" - Mickey's excited to get an autograph from his all time fave superhero, Spiderman!

I love Street Fighter, especially Street Fighter IV! Myself, along with most guys, grew up playing Street Fighter. I remember sneaking out of the house just to hit up the arcade when Street Fighter II came out. Good times! These are just a few pieces I did as a tribute to this wonderful series!

The C. Viper piece was done for my desktop background. I decided to draw her because she's soooooo awesome! That's right, she's going to be my new character to choose in Street Fighter IV. I'm gonna rock with her! Wooooo!

The Ryu VS Ken was just a quick PS-CS3 doodle. I was bored and it was like 2AM!

The Chun Li piece, I did because Jeff, Meg, Tim F., Kevin, and I decided one night, to draw Street Fighter Characters! Yes, they all turn out to be the females of Street Fighter. hahaha!

I got this idea from Jeff's Series: Twisted Princess!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Yes, Drawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
Monday - March 02, 2009
25min pose:

10min pose:

Life Drawing...

“You don’t have a blog-spot account? What? No wai!” I keep hearing that from friends. They keep telling me about how cool it is and how you can post up art work and other stuff. So I finally gave in…

I’ve been slacking off a lot for the past year or so. My drawing skill is a bit rusty, so I decided to finally get off my lazy butt and take ‘Life Drawing’ sessions. My friend, Evan told me about a weekly life drawing session in LA [close to where I work]. I thought about it for a week and decided to check it out on Monday…and I did. I loved it!!! It felt so amazing to be in an environment full of fellow artists again. I felt so comfortable and not so out of place. It was like all my knowledge from 2 years ago in my college life drawing class just burst back into my head. Well, not right away…I was a tad rusty at first. It took about 20min for all of what I’ve learned to start kickin’ in.

I’m planning to post most of my drawings on here mainly because I’d like to see my progression. […and get some critiques and advice?]